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Breezy Hill Bible Camp

BHBC Bible Camp

In 1996, the Lord provided Breezy Hill Baptist Church with 28 acres of land adjacent to the church property. Since then we have been able to develop this land into a multi-purpose camp and retreat facility.


Since acquiring the camp property, we have built large cabins, camping areas, a lodge, and a 6-acre pond. In 2009 we were blessed to be able to complete construction on the Goransky Chapel and activities center just in time for Junior Camp. This multi-purpose facility serves both as a chapel for camp meetings, and as classrooms for use year-round.

6-acre pond

For over 10 years now, Breezy Hill Bible Camp has been a place where young people, teenagers, and adults have all been able to spend time growing spiritually in an environment separated from the cares of everyday life.

For more information, call the church office: (803) 663-7037

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